The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Each country has distinct regions, each offering large cosmopolitan cities, towns, and countryside villages.

Why study in UK


UK welcomes nearly 270,000 new students every year – offering world-class teaching, and a great place to live, leaving you ready for the global workplace. There are more than 395 universities and colleges, offering over 50,000 undergraduate-level higher education courses across the UK. One of the world’s leading destinations for international students, second only to the USA. UK universities are among the best in the world, and consistently perform well in world rankings.

They also have a reputation for world-class research. Wherever in the world you end up, if you have a degree from a UK university it will be recognised by employers, universities, and governments.

If we talk from the financial perspective, because a degree in the UK will generally take less time to complete than in other countries, you could save money compared to a US school. Although four-year programs are increasing in popularity, most degree programs in the UK are three years, and a masters program is typically between one and two years.

Going to university in the UK is a great way to expand your knowledge, meet new people, experience a new culture, and enjoy new experiences. You’ll get plenty of support at university, and a chance to experience a great student lifestyle. Whatever your interests, there’s a huge range of clubs and societies, as well as a diverse social life on offer.

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UK economy is continuing to grow, standing strong as the fifth largest economy in the world and the third largest in Europe. Choosing to study business in the UK is one of the best decision you will make because the UK’s economy and business infrastructure is tied to the global marketplace. There are more than 100 business schools to choose from and 4 of which once again feature in the QS top 10 for business and management studies.

Considering the choice of industries for business graduates to move into after their studies, and the academic strengths of UK institutions, the UK is one of the best countries to study Business.

Computer Science

Computer Science graduates from UK boast enviable employment opportunities as system analysts, independent consultants, software developers, programmers, data analysts and managers. Computer Science courses in the UK will cover various aspects of database design, network systems, computer hardware and the internet, as well as groundbreaking technology such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and app design.

The UK’s tech sector is positively booming. Currently contributing around £184 billion towards the British economy, its value has grown by £14 billion this past year alone. Hence choosing to study computer science in the UK will be the best decision you will make.

Art and Design

From history to sculpture, theatre to fashion, there is a wide variety of different areas you can study during an Art & Design degree in the UK. The heritage of art and design in the British culture is huge and distinct. Art galleries can be found across the nation housing some of the UK's and the world’s most cherished artists. This accessibility to art gives students the resources to build ideas and excel in their own work.

Many believe a career in the creative sector is an unlikely route for a highly-paid job, however the skills you learn during your study in the UK will set you up to excel in many different professional roles.

Mechanical Engineering

According to EngineeringUK’s report, the UK will need to have recruited 1.82 million people with Mechanical engineering skills from 2012–22. And with only 100,000 people being recruited a year, the sector is falling far short.

Considering the choice of industries for business graduates to move into after their studies, and the academic strengths of UK institutions, the UK is one of the best countries to study Business. Mechanical engineering is at the forefront of developing new technologies for a number of industries including transport, healthcare, construction, and robotics. And the UK has some of the best and highest ranked engineering schools in the world.

Biological Science

If you choose to study Biological Sciences in the UK at degree level, then you’re set for a fascinating three years. Where some biological courses restrict your study, Biological sciences gives you a taste of everything. And as you study further, you can specialize in a particular area. Biological Sciences includes biochemistry, biomedicine, cell biology, conservation, ecology, genetics, microbiology, pathobiology and physiology.

Studying Biological Sciences in the UK will be beneficial for you as you’ll gain detailed subject knowledge from world leading researchers, but you’ll also gain transferrable skills in time management, group work, writing and critical thinking and you’ll grow in confidence in your presentation skills.

Electrical Engineering

To start a career in the field of Electrical Engineering after studying in the UK universities are formidable because of higher employability in graduates of Electrical Engineering as compared to other subjects. You will be hard pressed to find a corner of the world where electrical engineers are not required. Adding to that companies around the world love UK engineering graduates.

Three of the world’s top ten universities for engineering are in the UK, which gives enough reason to start your Electrical Engineering course in the UK.


The British education system offers a lot of options to study economics in the renowned institutions for future economists, market analysts, investors and bankers. The fact that the UK universities are in the top ranking also makes it the favorite destination of international students around the world to study economics courses here.

Looking at the reports, it is evitable that the 90% or more economics graduates from the UK are employed within 6 months of graduating. The case-based learning emphasis on economics degrees makes it really easy to see how the theory has real-life applications.