Canadian colleges and universities educate more than 1.5 million students annually. Canada’s higher education institutions are diverse, varying in size, character and scope of programs. Its outstanding status is attributed to its organized education system, which is inculcated in thousands of diverse collegiate institutions and their skilled faculties. The swelling number of students from India indicates the growing popularity of high standards of education in Canada due to Canada’s strong job market, safe and high standards of living, peaceful and cooperative multicultural environment, strong economic and political stability and the value of Canadian qualifications being accepted globally.

Canada is emerging destination of choice for many Indians as well as other international students.

Why study in Canada


The Canadian undergrad courses are extremely focused on developing the students’ abilities in the best way possible. Students are taught in an innovative and thorough manner. All students, regardless of their academic background, easily adapt to the teaching methodology at Canadian Institutes.

Students looking for a Post Grad degree in any field ranging from management, pharmacy, nursing, IT, accounting to engineering can apply to Canadian universities/institutes. Since the cost of studying in Canada is lower than USA, coupled with chances of getting a scholarship or funding, you can consider these factors while deciding to pursue your education abroad.

  • All academic programs are designed keeping in mind the demand of skills required to work in the Canadian job market.
  • Offers three major intakes per year.
  • Tradition of Academic Excellence.
  • The United Nations ranks Canada as one of the best countries in the world to live in.
  • A multicultural educational experience with a safe and clean environment.
  • International Students can work 20 hours per week part time and full time during term breaks.
  • Opportunity to enroll in unique “co-operative education programs” that allow students to work pertaining to their course work while studying.
  • A great opportunity to gain full time employment and permanent residency in Canada on completion of education in Canada.


Computer science and Engineering

Because in recent years in particular, Canada has met a considerable boost in computer science and engineering, you can’t go wrong if you choose to study an Engineering and Technology degree in one of the local leading universities. You can benefit from a wide array of career opportunities in this field after graduation.

Business and Finance

Students who want to study Business in Canada can choose from a diverse palette of specialisations, including brand management, risk management, logistics management and more. Business students can combine academic terms with an internship or work experience in the field.

Professors that teach a business degree are experienced professionals and they come from all over the world, which creates great networking opportunities for students and enlarges their horizon in terms of approaches on business matters.


As one of world’s leading economies, Canada will provide Engineering graduates with ample amount of opportunities and to take best advantage of these, students can pursue engineering from one of the many colleges that are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Specialisations in the field include systems engineering, electrical and computer engineering, biomedical engineering and you can benefit from a wide array of career opportunities in this field after graduation.

Engineering Management

With a course in engineering management degree, graduates can have career opportunities in private companies and government organizations in a variety of industries. The Engineering Management curricular focus on providing technological skills along with a management perspective.

This helps you develop the right skills where you can use your business acumen to make a better business decision and future forecasting. This course fits right for industries such as energy, technology, database engineering, research, and development.

Earth Sciences and renewable energy

The field of study has a broad view on the environment and focuses on location and development of energy and mineral resources, methods to protect the planet and the protection of communities from environmental events.

The employment forecast is excellent for geology graduates. In Canada, with a BSc in Earth Sciences, there are several career opportunities. These include environmental geologist, geologist, geophysicist, glaciologist, hydrogeologist, engineering geologist, mineralogist, paleontologist, seismologist, volcanologist etc.

Agricultural Science

Agriculture is the science and practice dealing with the systematic cultivation of certain plants and breeding of livestock. Canada’s agriculture industry is one of the few industries that has consistently continued to develop throughout history. While it has seen incredible growth, it’s also an industry that has often overlooked by young professionals and recent graduates – until now.

Consumer demands for agricultural products are growing both in Canada and around the world. Canada is the 5th largest exporter of agricultural goods on the planet. All these facts tell us that there could not be any better place to study agriculture than Canada.

Statistics Canada predicted there would be a shortage of workers from 2020-2025 in Canada’s agricultural industry, whether they are operators, scientists or contractors. This means recent graduates and students will not only find jobs immediately upon graduation, but also make an impressive wage while pursuing their careers.

Health Science

The health care system and services in Canada are known to have always been highly rated compared to other countries. Canada has been praised for the prevention and primary care. Since medical schools focus a lot on research, students who plan to pursue a degree in Medicine should consider one of the local universities.


Nursing in Canada is one of the most sort-after courses that can help you in securing a bright future. Students who wish to study Nursing in Canada will be gaining knowledge primarily in subject’s like Human Anatomy and Physiology, and other complementary subjects.

A nursing graduate from Canada can work in the capacity of an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Military Nursing, Forensic Nurse, Holistic Nurse, Medical Writer, Supplemental Nurse, Research Nurse, Travel Nurse, and so on.

Psychology and Human Resources

Canadian Universities and colleges are providing more importance to Psychological studies because unlike other clinical studies, Psychology requires more methodologies to cure a person more than providing medications. The most important advantage of studying Psychology in Canada is, a student has a lot of career opportunities and pathways to fix his/her career.

A person with a Psychological degree can work as Psychometrist, Substance Abuse Counsellor, Human Resource Personnel, Marriage and Family Therapist, Experimental Psychologists, Psychiatric Technician, Forensic Psychologists etc.

A master’s in human resources program in Canada will prepare students for careers in a variety of companies and industries, ranging from non-profit organizations to multinational corporations. With a master’s in human resources, students will explore such topics as employment law, payment standards, organizational behaviour, change management, and leadership, to name a few. According to a study conducted in 2014, the placement rate for graduates in human resources management was 76.2% and 81.6% for graduates in industrial relations.

A comparison of the job market for professional positions in different Canadian cities reveals that the highest demand is in Toronto (13,088 job offers), followed by Montreal and Ottawa (7,926 and 2,293 job offers, respectively).


Dentistry is a very rewarding profession. Students, come from around the world to Canada, with varying skill sets to learn both the theory and practical aspects of modern dentistry so that they can practise in Canada and the United States. Today’s dentists do more than fill and drill patient’s teeth, they understand oral health of the patient. Dentists are an important part of the health care team. Canada is popular not just because of its institutes and practical teaching ways but also for its accelerated dental programs which allows international dentists to study at the local institutes and then practice as a dentist in Canada and the US.


In Canada, the education of pharmacists is built upon a foundation of strong, research-intensive publicly funded universities and a universal health-care system that balances government and private financing for prescription medications. The Canadian system for pharmacy education has undergone significant evolution over the past decade and will continue to evolve to meet and anticipate changing roles for pharmacists within the health care system.

All pharmacy programs in Canada are accredited by the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP), an arms-length body responsible for developing and evaluating educational standards.

Along with the strong and secured education system for pharmacy, pharmacists in Canada practice in a wide array of fields, ranging from dispensary to community to ambulatory to primary/secondary/tertiary care settings. There are significant opportunities for pharmacists to find practices that align with their personal interests and objectives.

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