Canada’s reputation of “welcoming” immigrants is one often cited by international rankings that list the country as among the best in the world. Immigrants are Canada’s biggest source of population growth — and that growth is needed to fill that void as well as increasing job openings that are left unfilled as the hunger for the worker is huge. Majority of newcomers are coming under economic programs designed to address skills shortages and gaps in the labor market. It will enable Canada to be more competitive in the global market. Canada does plan to gradually increase the number of refugees it will accept under its humanitarian, family reunification and sponsorship programs. Multicultural doesn’t divide it encourages belonging.

Why to immigrate?

  • Due to environmental factor
  • Jobs and business opportunities
  • High Standards of living
  • Future Generation
  • Higher Education
  • Dual Citizenship allowed
  • Better Healthcare facilities
  • Well-developed infrastructure system
  • Good living condition and cleanliness


Sponsorship Immigration:

This class is basically for those candidates who are having close family members in Canada holding the status of Permanent Residency or Citizen. 40% of all migrants of Canada are sponsored by their family members. They can sponsor partners, dependent children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents or distant relative.

Skilled Worker Immigration:

Under the skilled worker class the candidates can apply to turn into permanent residents in Canada. Candidates are selected depending on their language ability, education level, work experience, arranged employment, age, and adaptability. Every aspect is taken into consideration and the whole score decides either the candidate is a qualified person for permanent resident status.

Provincial Nomination:

This program is biggest source of newcomers. Here province or territory can select candidates as per their requirements and nominate them to Canada for immigration and settlement. Majorly provinces keep occupation in demand list which are highly required candidates who can apply for nomination. After this nomination has been executed, the candidate must apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Visitor Visa:

Canada Tourist Visa is a temporary Canadian immigration option that allows tourists to visit Canada for the purpose of tourism and leisure. A Canada tourist visa is also known as Canada visitor visa or Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TVR). The Canada tourist visa is granted for a maximum period of six months.

Canada Express Entry Program

Express Entry is a system used by the Canadian government to manage applications for Canadian permanent residence through certain economic immigration programs. The Express Entry system is used to manage applications for skilled and qualified workers. The system boasts efficient processing times, with 80% of applications processed in 6 months or less.

The provinces linked with express entry programs are

  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
  • Ontario Provincial Nominee Program
  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Provincial Nominee Program

Services We Provide

Expert advice on Immigration:

We have an expert team dedicated to Canada Migration. The process starts with checking the profile and qualifying the candidates as per their education, work experience and other criteria.

IELTS Training:

We provide IELTS training in Ahmedabad which will help you to get your desired score. Also develop individual’s confidence and guide with the proper strategies to achieve targeted band score. With flexible batch timings and round the clock assistance, we focus on student-centric approach.

End to End Process:

We provide full support for the process. Education credential assessment is done to get the equivalency of the diploma/degree. Majority of the candidates will qualify under economic immigration program. Once express entry profile is chosen from the pool of candidate, they are given Invitation to apply. After receipt of ITA, 60 days of time is given for online application submission.