Why choose Victoria University?

Victoria University is the first Australian university to use a ‘block’ model of learning, where you study one unit at a time rather than juggling several at once.

The VU Block Model is focused on making your transition to university easier and your chances of study success greater. It is also designed to make sure you’re ready to enter the workforce – delivering career-focused activities and programs that you won’t find elsewhere.

When you study with us, you’ll benefit from this award-winning learning model that’s delivering exceptional results – pass rates and academic achievements such as high distinctions have all increased since it was introduced.

Initially for first-year students, the VU Block Model is now offered to students in all degree years.


How this model works?

The VU Block Model offers you more one-on-one time with educators in an immersive, collaborative learning environment. It develops your confidence and independence as a learner, setting you up for success in your degree and beyond.

The VU Block Model applies to all students at our Melbourne campuses who have commenced the first year of a bachelor degree since 2018, or are currently enrolled with outstanding units to complete.

Each block focuses on one unit (subject) and is only four weeks long, with up to four days between blocks to relax and prepare for the next.

VU breaks the year up into 10 four-week blocks: two semesters of four blocks each, plus two optional blocks over winter and summer. If you miss a unit or need to repeat one, you can catch up over the winter and summer blocks.

The first unit you study is set. It’s a great introduction to your course that helps build the academic skills you’ll need to succeed. If you start your course a bit late, the unit is also offered in block two.

The other seven units you’ll need to take in first year can then be studied in any order for most courses, to suit your work and life commitments.


Each unit will have around three 2-3 hour, face-to-face teaching sessions per week.

Teaching sessions will be scheduled over three days, in multiple combinations of days and times (morning, afternoon and evening) allowing you to choose the combination that best suits you.

Assessments have been redesigned for quicker completion within each four-week block, with most of your work completed in class.

The type of assessment will depend on the unit you are taking, and may include:

  • hands-on activities or smaller assessment tasks (conducted in the classroom or online)
  • group presentations
  • a final product or assessment task at the end of your unit.

We are proud representatives of Victoria University. Contact us to study at VU and try this new block structure for your studies.

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