If you have arrived in Australia for study, work or to live and want to bring your partner with you, we provide guidance in the application for the following visa types:

  • Marital Spouse Partner Visa
  • Partner Visas of Australian Permanent Residents
  • De Facto Spouse Partner Visa
  • Partner Visas of 457 Visa Holders
  • Same Sex Spouse Partner Visa
  • Partner Visas of Student Visa Holders
  • Prospective Sponsor Partner Visa
  • Partner Visas of Australian Temporary Residents
  • Partner Visas of Australian Citizens

IAEC team has done hundreds of spouse visa successfully so far.

Spouses and partners of student visa, work visa and temporary resident visa holders, can be included in the initial application but for the partners and spouses of Australian citizens and Permanent residents or New Zealand citizens the application process is totally different and long.

There are two stages of Partner Visa. In the first stage, after proving the genuineness of your relationship you get a temporary resident visa. After your eligibility you can apply for a permanent partner visa. The application process requires thorough documentation, and this can be confusing and tiring process. With the help of expert partner visa agents at IAEC Migration you can easily transit through this visa process. We provide help in understanding the eligibilities and process for the visa.

Our team will assist you with documentation, appointments for medical, maintaining health cover, genuine relationship documents etc.


Come and see us today, if you need genuine assistance on Partner Visa.